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It’s important to acknowledge it doesn’t exist

Photo: Natalie Magee/EyeEm/Getty Images

For some people, reverse racism is an unfeigned issue in society. They believe racism can be flipped around and made subject to the people who do not have to worry about their skin color making them susceptible to discrimination.

Essentially, they hold the belief that the roles can somehow be…

Society is just afraid of change

“Still Can’t Breathe.” A Black woman during the Breonna Taylor/George Floyd Protests in Washington, D.C. | Photo Credit: Johnny Silvercloud

People who see themselves as progressive or are viewed as holding progressive views of how the world should evolve are often labelled as “delusional”. We are criticized for our advocacy that is devoted to social change and reform that pushes us­ — all of us — forward because inclusion and…

A picture of a Black fetus sparked reflection and made calls for representation in the medical field

via CNN

From the vibrant pages of biology textbooks to the A3 medical posters in doctor’s offices, medical illustrations have one look of sameness: that sameness being the consistent look of whiteness. Growing up, the illustrations I have seen are always white bodies, as people of colour we never see ourselves anywhere…

We need to realize the racist tradition is normalized blackface

Photo by Eva Plevier on Reuters

Christmas is right around the corner, and that means in the Netherlands and Belgium, Zwarte Piet celebrations will soon flurry onto the streets of Rotterdam, Breda, and Antwerp.

Despite years of fighting against the racist tradition some still participate in it. The tradition of Zwarte Piet also known as “Black…


Bans cannot stand without support

Via BBC News

Expert South African scientists reported the truth and rightfully informed the world about the new Covid-19 variant; Omicron. However, South Africa's transparency leads to isolation, scapegoating, punishment, and blame, why — it would be much easier to blame an African country, wouldn't it?

The West also has an aim to…

White owners can't continue to capitalize on Black athletes and get away with racism.

Robert Sarver. Photo Credit: Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The NBA has recently asked a law firm to investigate the Phoenix Suns after a report published on Thursday detailed allegations that Phoenix Suns owner; Robert Sarver has a history of racist, misogynistic and hostile incidents during his 17-year tenure in charge of the NBA franchise.

Since the release of…

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